Archiving My Life Through Objects I Find in my Books Part V

Part V of my ongoing quest to archive all the items I find in my books. Sometimes people store money or checks in their books. My friend Heather once found $20 in a book she found on the street. I cannot imagine getting rid of a book without carefully going through it to see what might be inside.

Some of these items are quite plain and boring. But they mark what my life was like at the time. Once I moved from NYC, I slowly started going out. Tentatively. And then it became quite aggressive. The flyers denote my club life and the muni transfers represent my scholastic side. Taking the bus to and from school. I have another few batches of books to go through. But those books have been at my parents’ home in Pacifica for a few years now. I haven’t lived with them for about three years so while I feel a bit detached from them, I cannot get rid of them. I’m still hopeful of one day having a large room filled with bookcases for my books.

Archiving my Life through Random Placeholders I find in my Books
Volume I
Volume II
Volume III
Volume IV


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